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Event Filming at PSAEW 2016

14th September 2016

Live Event Filming at PSAEW 2016

Last week we completed the live event videoing at the Police Superintendents’ Association of England and Wales 2016 Conference. With the conference now complete we’d like to share what we created as part of their video strategy.

Not only did we complete the live event filming, we created a great deal of video content used before and during the conference. This included welcomes, idents and introductions created with motion graphics, these formed part of the new branding for this year’s event.

We also recorded the President’s Awards videos, these awards are given annually at the conference. By videoing the Police Superintendent nominating, it ensures that they have a stress free conference, they don’t have to worry about speaking on the night and remembering their lines, and also places them in their own environment, which gives a feeling of them and their Constabulary. You can see these videos here.

During the conference itself, we live streamed a number of the speeches, and once completed edited and uploaded them to their YouTube Channel. We also created a playlist for the annual conference.

By using live event video, it can live on after the conference has ended, and act as an archive for both people who attended and those unable to. If you want to know more about how we set-up, live stream and create video for your event, just give us a call on 01962 870 408.

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