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Live Streaming with The Royal Society

9th December 2016

We've been working with The Royal Society on a number of live streaming projects at venues across the UK.

Over the past couple of months we’ve worked with The Royal Society to enable them to share their events to a much wider audience, via their YouTube Channel.

In October we worked with them at Reading University to film and live stream their climate change lecture and Q&A with Professor Brian Cox and his panel of experts. Over the past two months this video has been viewed almost 18,000 times, enabling a much more wide and varied viewing audience than just the audience of 500 on the day. It now acts as part of the The Royal Society’s archive of events on YouTube and as a reference point for the public, scientific bodies and media.

This week we’ve worked on a much larger event on with them, Science Matters - Feeding the Future, with 1000 people in attendance at Victoria Warehouse in Manchester. Not only were we there to live stream the event, but also to enable the whole audience to get the most out of the event experience, by relaying the action on stage throughout the room. By doing this everyone gets the best experience possible, can clearly hear and see the panel, wherever they are watching. With a four camera set-up we captured all the action on stage, and with the panel all using radio microphones the audio was as clear at the picture.

We have more events like this coming up, and we can always recommend the best solution, whatever the size or location of the event, give us a call on 01962 870408 to discuss your event and live streaming the experience.

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