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videofrog.tv goes live!

1st June 2015

The pencils are blunt and the waste paper bin is full but we’re all now celebrating the launch of the videofrog site!

The timing couldn’t be better. The use of video as part of the marketing mix is beginning to grow exponentially and we are lucky to have been heavily involved in video production from the very beginning of the ‘digital age’.

We think that marketing agencies and internal comms teams will continue to be the powerhouse behind future growth – so we’ve taken the decision to marshal our Whitwam resources into a new videofrog team and design our services specifically to provide production facilities and support to the people that have close relationships with the end client.

So this site is for you! But like any other web site we’ve taken educated guesses on the content that we hope is relevant and interesting (e.g. take a look at the knowledgebase page) so any feedback or questions from you would be greatly appreciated!

Buz Ross, Director

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