Fantastic digital content event at videofrog with Beacon

Did you join us on Tuesday 26th February for our evening on creating and measuring engaging digital content?

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If you didn’t, you missed a great night! Presentations by Buz, Nigel and Stewart, discussed the way to create more engaging content, and how you measure and create campaigns with tangible results. From having your initial idea, through the creative and production process, to receive a detailed analysis of how your digital channels bring you the most successful results.
And, then there was our demo featuring the most exciting 30 seconds you could spend on a shopper bike!

Buz Ross presenting at event in the videofrog studio

The concept behind the evening was to share and discuss how improving the creation of video-based digital content can improve your engagement online.
With attendees coming from both creative and digital agencies through to local small businesses we had a variety of knowledge and experience in the studio. We shared and discussed a range of topics that covered both the ideas, format, and end solutions that were hopefully useful to all who joined us.

Ingesting, live mixing and live streaming

One of the things our team was able to explain and demonstrate how video can create more involvement at live events; this is where the shopper bike came in!
Live event filming and live streaming are a growing area that we work in and creating experiential videos working alongside designed. event production.
In the studio we set-up a system similar to one we’ve recently run at live events. On this version, we had people cycling on a rollercoaster, in the Tour de France and many more places you wouldn’t expect to see someone riding a bike!

Beacon delivered their presentation on the importance of getting accurate measured results rather than bot inflected results, and afterwards, they ran some demos for the people attending.

Nigel presenting the Beacon presention in Winchester

We also had the struggle of eating the fantastic pizza from The Stable, which wasn’t too hard!
It was fantastic to be joined by so many enthusiastic people during the evening. If you were unable to make the event and would be interested in coming to similar events, please do get in touch as we may be running similar events later in the year.

To cap off our round-up of the event, here is our video of the evening, hoped you enjoy it, and hopefully will see many of you again soon!

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