How to create and measure more engaging digital content

We are always looking for interesting ways to share and let you experience new ideas and technology.

With this is mind we’d like you to join us on Tuesday 26th February from 6pm to explore exciting, dynamic and new ways to use video content and how you most effectively manage your digital campaigns.

With presentations and demos, we will be discussing how to make video content work for you, your team and your clients.
Our partners for the evening, Beacon, will show how to best understand the impact of your content within digital marketing campaigns, and how to use that information to maximise the effect of these campaigns.

If you are a creative agency looking for new content ideas, or responsible for marketing your business this evening is designed for you.
Join us from 6.00pm, with the presentations starting at 6.30pm to explore how to transform your digital marketing campaigns through video marketing and using effective targeting and tracking.

Creative, multi-platform digital content is essential for all business.

creative live event filming and livestreaming
We believe in connecting the budget spent on live experiential events with fully produced digital content.
We’ll discuss, share and demonstrate our expertise in video, animation and event production, how to maximise it across multiple uses and outlets, showcasing the increased value during and after the event.
Live event filming and livestreaming are a growing area that we work in, and part of the presentation and demo will feature how this can maximise your event material and reach a wider audience.

We don’t want to spoil the first-hand experience we’ll be sharing with you, but it’s fun, engaging and easy for everyone to get involved with. Based in our studio you can both take part and watch others joining in the experience.

Introducing Beacon

marketer using Beacon software to measure success
The Beacon campaign intelligence platform works across all your digital marketing channels. Linking the outbound content to specific website journeys to help transform audience engagement and measure true marketing ROI.
Their aim is to help marketers create better campaigns, giving actionable information that non-technical users can act upon quickly with practical business value rather than drowning in a sea of data and distraction.
During the evening they will discuss in their presentation, and later in demos, how to maximise your content, track the journeys and how to identify and combat bot clicks and fraudulent website traffic.

If you’d like to sign up, please go to the Eventbrite page,

Our plan for the evening is;

6.00pm – Hello and Welcome! Grab a drink, and have a chat in preparation for the presentations.

6.30pm – Presentations by videofrog and Beacon followed by Q&A session.

7.00pm – Pizza arrives from The Stable, Winchester, grab a slice (or two) and experience the interactive demonstrations by videofrog and Beacon. With further networking over drinks and food with the chance to chat with the staff of both companies.

9.00pm – Event finish, time to go home!

Please let us know if you need any more information about the event, or if you like to know more about Live Event filming, Livestreaming or Beacon.

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