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Look, Feel and Style - be inspired

Date: 21st September 2017   |   Author: Alice Bloor   |   Categories: hints and tipsideaspre-productioncreative agencies

When you start to have an idea about the video you want to have made for you, whatever the subject matter, you'll often have an idea in your head about the look, the feel and maybe the overall style.

It might reference a film or advert, something you’ve seen a clip of, or has always been in your head, a visual earworm.

It hard to go into any project with a completely clear mind, and a little bit of inspiration from someone else’s work can be a great starting point.
It could be the use of colour or sound, maybe the editing style, you’re not going to copy someone else’s work, but it can help you create the starting point and build your ideas from there.

The BFI have very helpfully created a few videos called ‘How to make a ....... film’ insert famous film directors name in the gap!
These videos are great, they capture the essence of what each director features, or creatively uses in their films, and if you hadn’t noticed their signature styles before watching these, you will now!

Check out the cheatsheet videos for David Lynch, Sofia Coppola and Edgar Wright and see if they can turn you onto their own unique styles.

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