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Over the last few months, we’ve worked on a series of livestreamed discussions held by The Royal Society on the theme of ‘You and the Planet’.

The topic has covered the subjects of State of Earth, Energy, Food, Biodiversity, with one event left at the end of March. They all share the theme that we need to do things differently. Human activity is changing the way our planet functions, and it is no longer sustainable.

The events have been held throughout the country, from Newcastle, Swansea to the Eden Project in Cornwall, and we have ensured the same quality of service from each diverse location.

Livestreaming from the Eden Project

Livestreaming each discussion enables The Royal Society to reach the widest audience possible, not just the guests watching in the room. For an institution such as them, wanting to share and develop the knowledge contained within the videos is vital. All videos go on to form part of their video library.

Reaching the broadest possible audience is critical for any producer of events, but livestreaming opens up events for prospective guests who might not be able to attend for other reasons.
Advertising and promoting your event as being livestreamed opens it to a more diverse and inclusive set of people, allowing those to participate who may otherwise find events either difficult or impossible to attend. Rather than only allowing them to watch, you can use various methods to open up the opportunity for questions to be asked, for viewers to give real-time questions, with responses delivered back.

With our soundproof studio, we also have the opportunity to host presentations, Q&As, discussion panels and much more that can be shared directly. They can be public-facing or to provide internal company announcements.

Our studio has recently been set-up as a panel discussion group, and also for a global pharmaceutical company to deliver information directly to a group of employees and people testing products in the field.

Streaming this type of event can ease date congestion for employees, travel costs and in the current climate incur minimal contact between people.

These experiences are straightforward to deliver, with the flexibility of using our studio, we can also provide pre-recorded segments during the livestreamed experience, that are shot, and edited before the main live section starts.

This type of video solution is not a replacement for the experience of taking part in a live event. However, using livestreaming provides an additional resource when dealing with a global audience, makes your event more inclusive, and when we are unable to travel due to illness, you can reach your whole audience rather than a small proportion.

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