To Infinity and Beyond!

When you're filming in a studio you can be limited, but your choice of background could make all the difference.

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At videofrog we’ve green or black backgrounds, which are great for when used for their specific uses, but sometimes you need something more stylish, and which avoids lots of post-production work. This is where the infinity cove comes in.

It isn’t just because we have a lovely one, it makes a huge difference, creating a seamless background, perfect for fashion, music, product shots, and any environment that you want to feel clean and fresh.

infinity cove in action with lights on left and right of screen

Isolating your presenter or product is no longer a challenge with an infinity cove background. You can clearly define your subject, by removing the appearance of a background of any kind. It can also be used to give an ethereal, almost heavenly space around a subject.

So, what makes an infinity cove? The defining feature of an infinity cove is a lack of angles. With the seamless curve running down from the wall into the floor, you have no corners and so shadows don’t gather in the background. They are also referred to as cycloramas or “cycs”.

dog playing with ball in infinity cove studio

The result is an image where the subject appears to have been placed in an infinite background. The background simply continues forever in all directions and is what gives rise to the term infinity cove, or curve.

Shooting against the white also give you more flexibility to add in graphics, or effects, and with no shadows it makes it much easier to add these elements in later.

Our studio is 8 metres wide, allowing for plenty of room for interview and product shot set-ups, it’s always best to allow twice as much width as you will need to maximize the advantages of using the infinity cove. This enables good lighting, and to achieve the perfect depth of field for your subjects, or subjects.

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