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It’s best to be clear at the start, if you know about us already, you’ll know we’re a video production engine for creative agencies, our cards are placed on the table!

However, there is more to this than just our own interest, not only do we enjoy making videos for our clients, we love to watch really engaging content too, ultimately that’s what everyone wants.

Video is everywhere, and it’s growing year on year, online video now accounts for 74% of all online traffic and you might think that is just people watching kitten videos on YouTube and Facebook, but 59% of executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic, they are more likely to choose video.
Clearly, if you’re creating B2C or B2B marketing for your clients, video is something you must be considering.

Creating your Video Content
You have your new marketing strategy for your client, which includes a series of videos, but how to create them? Most creative agencies will have a choice of three options;
•  In-House Design/Comms team
•  Freelancers
•  Video Production company

Your in-House Team

You’ve got a team of designers, who say that they can create all the content after you’ve bought all the kit on their list (!). You’ve given them additional training on how to use it all, they’ve got all the apps for the editing, but, in turn, this will take them away from their ‘normal’ work, so is this the best solution for a two camera location shoot?

Freelancer working from home

You know they can create content, you’ve seen their work online. They’ve all the gear, they’re able to travel to your clients’ office, but they have some other dates pencilled in, so your client needs to confirm their availability as soon as possible!
They can’t meet you before the shoot, so you’re relying on a couple of phone calls and emails to decide if they are going to be a good representative for your agency, and get the footage in the style you need?

Video Production company
videofrog your video production engine for all agency needs

You know they can create content, you’ve seen their work at their offices in a meeting prior to the work. They’ve all the gear, they’re able to travel to your clients’ office, they can cover all the dates you have pencilled with your client, they will meet you prior to the shoot to confirm your ideas, and give creative and practical advice. All of this comes with additional costs, can you pass these onto your client?

Options – Pros & Cons
All options have positives and negatives, and maybe the best way to look at this is the type of videos you are trying to produce.

If you produce it internally your team understand the brand, the strategy and the deliverables, but will probably not have the experience/skillset to produce a 4 minute location shot video, but could create a series of 15 second social media based videos, maybe working with user generated content.

With freelancers, they’re flexible, charge less as they have fewer overheads, but will only do exactly what you ask, and may miss an opportunity to capture additional useful material. Probably best to complete talking head interviews with a specific question list.

Video Production companies are the specialists as you’d expect, all the kit, crew, and backing to ensure that you will always have the crew when and where you expect them. Once you’ve given them your brief, they’ll clarify and confirm they’ve all the information before they even quote to do the work, you know that you can rely on them to understand your details, and if they don’t, they’ll ask you.
They will be able to create all your content, with longer more complex shoots and edits probably the best fit.

Best Option
The best option as always is a mixture, and to use the most effective solution depending on the deliverables needed for each project, but the key to this is to have all parties involved from the start and to ensure collaboration and continuity throughout the project which might include a range of different types, and lengths of video.
As a video production company, we see solutions that internal teams or freelancers might not have either the experience to see, or the equipment to give the scope to offer as a solution.
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