Videofrog’s Year-End Recap: A Visual Journey through 2023

This year we met some great people and made some great video.

As we lace up our filmmaking shoes and sprint towards the year’s end, we couldn’t resist hitting pause for a Fitbit-style heart check on the huge strides we’ve taken at Videofrog.  It’s been an adventure of team growth, diverse projects, and some cinematic magic!


Team Growth: Meet the Dynamic Duo – Carl and Lily!

We introduced new videofroggers, the two creative dynamos, Carl and Lily, joining the Videofrog family. More than teammates; they’re elevating our storytelling to new heights. Whether with a drone or traditional cameras this dynamic duo is about taking your visions and turning them into engaging and impactful visual content.


Diverse Projects, Varied Locations: From Studio to Swiss mountains!

From the cosy confines of our studio to the heritage site of Westminster Abbey and beyond, we filmed stories on location from the UK to the heart of Europe. Working across various sectors from financial, insurance, public, private, event and marketing agencies our lens has captured impactful video. Each project brought its own set of challenges and triumphs, pushing us to explore new creative horizons.


Crafting Stories: Where Your Visions Take Centre-Stage

At Videofrog, we don’t just shoot videos; we tell stories. But what really sets Videofrog apart?  It’s the art of turning ideas into visual stories, whether it’s a corporate narrative, an event highlight, or a marketing masterpiece, we’re in the business of creating stories that leap off the screen and into your audience’s hearts. With our talented team and wide array of facilities, we have a good capacity for handling several projects and one time.


Livestreaming Excellence: Capturing Moments in Real Time

Our livestreaming capabilities are nothing short of superhero status. The size of the event, whether in person or online is within our experiences – we’ve got the proof in our track record. Capturing live moments and broadcasting them seamlessly to social channels and the web, has been executed and exceeded our client’s expectations.


Post-Production Mastery: Where the Magic Comes Full Circle

Our post-production is where the footage gets its final polish. Our state-of-the-art edit suites, armed with the latest tech ensure that every project, no matter how big or small, gets the attention it deserves. Editing, sound mixing, animating – from concept to final cut, it’s all under one roof and nothing gets lost in translation. Our video producers handle projects from receiving a brief, inputting the best creative, planned solution, right through to final sign off.


Sustainability: Green Filmmaking

Some of the steps we’ve taken have been small, but some are now leading to more significant advances that will have a big effect on our operations and our environmental impact. For example. switching to renewable energy sources which was one of the easiest steps we have taken changing our energy supply to a green electricity tariff which we did in 2019.  Our building has air source heat pumps to power much of our essential heating and cooling systems.

We are producing our own clean electricity, from our 99 solar panels installed in September 2023, providing a potential 40kW of power. We expect our new panels to reduce our electricity consumption from the grid by up to 80%, and app-based monitoring helps us calculate the total power we’ve generated and evidence how many tonnes of CO2 we’ve saved. All surplus power is exported back into the grid, adding clean energy to the network.

We’re committed to eco-conscious production practices, because making great videos shouldn’t cost the earth – literally.


Conveniently Located: Your Story Starts Just Off the M3!

We are located in the studio and offices, but it isn’t just a creative hub; it’s a convenient pit stop for storytelling adventures. Situated just off the M3, easily accessible by mainline trains, and with free onsite parking, getting to us is as easy as hitting play on your favourite film.


Wrapping it up – Ready for a Hoppy New year!

As the credits roll on 2023, we want to extend our gratitude to our clients, partners, and the entire Videofrog community. Your trust fuels our passion, and we can’t wait to kick off another blockbuster year together!

Here’s to a spectacular 2024 filled with more creativity, more stories, and of course, greater video!

'Fantastic team and fabulous setting I cannot rate them highly enough. Thank you for making my media training so special.'Emma GreenManaging Partner at Cyber Data Law Solicitors

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