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Bringing the videofrog blog to life fills me full of pride, plus a great deal of satisfaction, the cherry on the cake is that it is now on the shortlist for the UK Blog Awards!

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Blogs are something which was super fashionable, and then with the increasing emergence and diversity of social media fell out of fashion. Now, they’ve risen back up and are receiving increased coverage as a more extended form and in-depth way of communicating with your audience, from your existing readership to talking to a broader and a more diverse group of people.

With the videofrog blog, the aim has been to discuss, inform, and create creative thinking, while being entertaining and not too dry! With a mix of advice on how to produce your initial video brief, through to discussing the importance of using video to improve your SEO, with the occasional post of why Die Hard is a Christmas movie (it is!).

We’d love you to support us and vote for us at the UK Blog Awards.

vote for videofrog at UK Blog Awards 2019

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