Corporate Video Production

We make corporate video, that’s anything but corporate.

We make corporate video watchable. Tell us what you want to express, and our production team will rapidly transform it into compelling video content.

Because here’s the thing…

Corporate videos can be so dull that audiences switch off faster than an over-boiled kettle. How do we keep them glued to the screen?

In short, professional creativity, technical know-how and years of experience in corporate video production. It’s what we do.

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Why choose us for your corporate video?

We care about making you look good.

We want you to feel good too. From the brief to the final edit, you’ll have the personal attention of just one person — our corporate video producer.

We can film at your offices, on location or at our studio (yes, we have our own studio). You’ll receive gold-standard creative, technical and honest advice throughout the whole project.

Quick delivery

We’re flexible, agile and responsive. There’s no hanging around. When you need fast delivery, we make it happen.

In-house studio

For TV quality, we can film in our studio. The end result is one of the most professional videos you’ll ever see.

Brand detail

Everything is tailored to your brand, right down to the smallest detail… (and we’re slightly obsessive about attention to detail).


We work with you on equal terms. Because why settle for a service provider when you can have a partnership?


We think ahead and ask questions you may not have thought of. It makes the process smooth and hassle-free.

Human empathy

Not sure what you want? No problem. We’ll never tell you what to do, but we’re happy to offer valuable advice.

Shall we have a chat? Call us on 01962 870 408 to discuss your ideas, or hit the button to send a message.

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Meet the commercial videography producers

Matt Downer

Videofrog Manager & Video Producer

Lily Clelland

Video Producer

Carl Austin

Video Producer

Commercial video production — In 5 Easy Steps

We cover the whole spectrum of commercial video production. What’s the objective? Brand awareness, lead generation, demonstrating a new product, brand storytelling…

And if you’re running an event, we deliver live-streamed or recorded event video production.

Here’s how we present your company in the most polished, inspiring way possible.

1. Thought mapping

We help you make the most of the budget. We’ll collaborate with you and suggest ideas for the type of video which will have the biggest impact.

2. Scripting

If you need a script, our editorial team can write it. Or we can plan interview questions.

3. Pre-production

We set the stage. Storyboarding, location scouting, sourcing actors or voiceover artists, perfecting the smallest details, solving problems before they happen, and making sure everyone’s on the same page.

4. Filming

Everything is ready. On location, at your event or at our studio, we’ll have all the right equipment, cameras, lighting, microphones, green screens…or even aerial drones. It’s fuss-free and efficient.

5. Post-production

This is where we bring your video to life. We’ll edit the footage, add graphics, sound effects, audio tracks and branding. We’ll provide subtitles and transcriptions, and we can include motion graphics or 3D animations. You’ll have a secure online link to give feedback and ideas as we work together.

Everything starts with a conversation. Call us on 01962 870 408 to discuss your ideas and get a free quote. Or hit the button to send a message.

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Who we work with

If you need video, and want more return on investment than you ever imagined, we can help you.

For example, you might be a marketing manager or HR manager. Perhaps you’re in financial services or the insurance industry, healthcare, the police, or maybe the charitable sector.

To be honest, it doesn’t matter which sector you’re in. We’ve created video for everyone from a local boarding school to the BBC. Take a look at our work.

If your organisation is looking for creative ways to communicate through video, call us on 01962 870 408 to discuss your ideas. Or hit the button to send a message.

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"We’d like to thank the videofrog team for all their hard work in making our videos so key to our digital marketing. Our brief was complex as we have a unique and unknown product with a large breadth of features and benefits and videofrog were extremely creative and concise with the script and production."

Dan Hamer
Build Maestro


You’ll probably have questions, so we’ve answered a few of them here. Can’t see your question? Just give us a call on 01962 870 408 and we’ll answer it for you.

What other types of videos do you produce?

We produce a variety of videos — brand storytelling videos, promotional videos, e-learning videos, video podcasts and explainer videos.

We also specialise in live event video production. This could be a mix of on-stage and remote contributors, or a fully virtual event where contributors and audience are online.

Who will be our point of contact during the project?

From start to finish, you’ll be dealing with just one person — our corporate video producer. It saves you from having to repeat yourself, and it makes the process faster and more efficient.

Do you have your own studio? What are the advantages of that?

Yes. It’s a fully-equipped, soundproofed studio at our offices in Winchester.

Filming in our studio has a number of advantages. It’s a blank canvas, with numerous options on the set design — including green screen technology. There are no distractions, unlike filming at an office, and you won’t have to worry about uncooperative weather.

Also, if you want additions or updates to your video, these can easily be slotted in without the risk of inconsistency.

Do you offer an end-to-end service?

Yes, it’s end-to-end — from the initial conversation when we share creative ideas, through to post-production. Scripting, filming, editing, animation, branding, royalty-free music, subtitles and transcriptions… We can offer all of these services.

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