Videofrog has helped some of the UK's biggest brands and organisations deliver great video to audiences, wherever they are.

From board meetings to brand launches, we have expertise in capturing live events of any size.

We can offer live multi-camera vision mixing for screens, event highlight videos, promotional videos, webinars, hybrid events and more.

We specialise in beautifully shot event footage, edited with an understanding of your brand style and messaging, to deliver powerful video content made just for you.

Show video content from your sessions on the big screen with multi camera setups, edited live to include speaker content such as Powerpoint or a Q&A session. Create a buzz with shareable event highlight videos, perfect for recapping and advertising future events!

In addition to filming, we can supply lighting, streaming services, graphics, animations and include speaker content such as Powerpoint, Keynote or Q&A sessions. Whatever the event, we can capture it!

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Using multiple cameras and a live vision mixer, we’ll capture your event in an engaging format for viewers to watch back after the event. We can mix in Powerpoint slides or videos as needed as well as providing a live video feed to screens in the room. In addition, live streaming to Zoom, Teams or Social Media can easily be added on.

(Pictured: Police Superintendents’ Association Annual Conference)

Plenary / Breakout Sessions

Choosing a breakout or plenary session can be tricky for guests, especially when more than one sound relevant to their interests. Filming breakout sessions allows viewers to catch up at a later date, reviewing the sessions they missed. We can show Powerpoint slides or other content as it is referred to as well as including speakers names and titles. Allowing guests to rewatch sessions is a great way to follow-up post event too!

Exhibition / Networking

Highlight your event with an engaging recap video, great for sharing with delegates who attended or for advertising future events. Why not interview delegates about their experience too? Ideal for sharing on social media.

Hybrid / Digital

If you are hosting a live event but want to make it accessible to viewers online too, a ‘hybrid’ event is the way to go. Viewers can tune in live allowing them to stay connected when they can’t be there in person. Reduce your carbon footprint by bringing remote guests into your live event using our custom platform.

Award Shows

Celebrate success on a grander scale by capturing your awards show in video form. Video is great for sharing on social media, especially when shouting about achievements! Additionally, live streaming your award show allows for friends and family who can’t be there to experience the event live.

Concerts & Music Performances

There’s nothing like live music but a filmed performance is a close second! Whether a full orchestra or a band, we can capture your performance to relive anytime.

(Pictured: Voyages of The Heart)

Graduation Ceremonies

Relive the celebration with a filmed graduation ceremony. A video of the students special day is a great memento and allows for sharing with relatives and friends who can’t be there in person.

Press Conferences

Whether a panel discussion or an open Q&A, we can film and capture your press conference for sharing with news agencies and journalists. Live streaming is also possible if required.


(Pictured: Courting the Colour | OPPO x Wimbledon)

Product / Brand Launches

Whatever you are launching, create a buzz with great quality engaging video content! Highlight features and share testimonials whilst encapsulating your brand messages. Studies show that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support! (HubSpot, 2018)

Council Meetings

Live recorded Council Meetings allow greater access to information for both elected delegates and members of the public. Share meetings online or stream live to video conferencing platforms or social media, ideal for when space is restricted.


Townhall / All-Company Meetings

If you are looking to share important company updates with employees then there’s no better way than video. Overcome ‘death-by-email’ and share your key messages in an engaging way, whether pre-recorded or live. We can use your brand assets, colours and logos as well as including subtitles and speakers names.

Panel Show

Panel debates and discussions can bring together a variety of voices on a topic and make for great video content. A live mixed panel discussion ensures every voice is heard and shown. This works well in a large venue where relay screens are needed to show the content live.

(Pictured: You and the Planet | The Royal Society)

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