Live Video Production

We make live video exciting for your audience

For your virtual audience, it’s like being in the room. Live video production brings the excitement of your event to an online audience in real time.

It’s a dynamic, interactive experience which keeps people watching and contributing.

Your virtual audience can ask questions, vote, interact and join the conversation from any location.

We can livestream to all major platforms, and to your secure in-house feed, without a hitch.  In a `live TV’ situation, where anything can go wrong, our wealth of experience means that nothing will.

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Why choose us for live streaming?

We specialise in live event video production — for an audience in the room, and a virtual audience in multiple locations.

We understand live events because we’ve been running them ourselves for 35 years.

We’ll share that knowledge and experience. You’ll receive creative, technical and honest guidance on how to reap the highest returns from your event.

Here are a few more reasons why you’ll like how we do things:

Technical knowhow

We have the required expertise, and our own stock of professional video production facilities, immediately available.

Audience engagement

We make it easy for your virtual audience to contribute, vote, ask questions and engage interactively from anywhere.

Remote contributors

We can live-stream your contributors seamlessly from any location. It’s a sustainable, affordable way to bring global presenters to your regional event.


We understand how events are run, and will technically and creatively integrate with your team at every touchpoint.

Compelling post-event video

You can share the post-event video on social media, your website, or as marketing material for the next event.

Digital branding

Our graphic treatment combines the excitement of the event with your branding to increase awareness. Subtitling and transcriptions make your digital content accessible to all.

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Meet the live video production team

Matt Downer

Videofrog Manager & Video Producer

Lily Clelland

Video Producer

Carl Austin

Video Producer

Live event video — How it works

We cover all types of live events — conferences and conventions, company updates, live concerts, product launches, panel debates, council meetings, award ceremonies…

We can securely live-stream the event to any platform. Data protection, GDPR and cyber security are a priority.

Your event can be:

  • A live video production where we mix the live presenters on stage with remote contributors.
  • A fully virtual event where contributors and the audience are online.

Here’s how we present your company event in the most polished, inspiring way possible. It’s a 4-step video production process.

1. Conversation

Tell us about your event and we’ll collaborate with you from start to finish, suggesting creative ideas to make sure your audience gets the best possible experience.

2. Pre-production

We ask the right questions, prepare for filming and integrate with your event team throughout to make sure that everyone’s on the same page.

3. Filming

Video content can be shown live on the big screen, and simultaneously live streamed to your virtual audience. It’s an opportunity to widen your reach. Breakout sessions, for example, can be recorded so guests can catch up on what they missed.

4. Post-event video

We’ll edit the footage, adding logos and branding, providing subtitles and transcriptions, and we can include motion graphics or 3D animations. You’ll have a secure online link to give feedback and ideas as we work together.

Everything starts with a conversation. Call us on 01962 870 408 to discuss your ideas and get a free quote. Or hit the button to send a message.

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Who we work with

If you need video, and want more return on investment than you ever imagined, we can help you.

For example, you might be a marketing manager or HR manager. Perhaps you’re in financial services or the insurance industry, healthcare, the police, or maybe the charitable sector.

To be honest, it doesn’t matter which sector you’re in. We’ve created video for everyone from a local boarding school to the BBC. Take a look at our work.

If your organisation is looking for creative ways to communicate through video, call us on 01962 870 408 to discuss your ideas. Or hit the button to send a message.

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"I think everything ran like clockwork, which is a credit to the meticulous planning that you all put in ahead of time. I thought the venue was fantastic and the live video relay of demos onto the main stage worked perfectly!"

Yogesh Patel
Quality, Improvement & Innovation Director, VINCI Construction Management Limited


You’ll probably have questions, so we’ve answered a few of them here. Can’t see your question? Just give us a call on 01962 870 408 and we’ll answer it for you.

What other types of videos do you produce?

We offer the full range of corporate video production — brand storytelling videos, promotional videos, e-learning videos, video podcasts and explainer videos.

We specialise event video production — whether that’s a mix of on-stage and remote contributors, or a fully virtual event where contributors and audience are online.

Who will be our point of contact during the project?

From start to finish, you’ll be dealing with just one person — our live video producer. It saves you from having to repeat yourself, and it makes the process more efficient.

Do you have your own studio? What are the advantages of that?

Yes. It’s a fully-equipped, soundproofed studio at our offices in Winchester.

Filming your event in our studio has a number of advantages. It’s a blank canvas, with numerous options on the set design — including green screen technology.

Also, if you want additions or updates after your event, these can easily be slotted in without the risk of inconsistency.

Do you offer an end-to-end service?

Yes, it’s end-to-end — from the initial conversation when we share creative and practical ideas, through to post-production. Filming, editing, animation, branding, royalty-free music, subtitles and transcriptions… We can offer all of these services.

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