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Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics is taking your brand, themes and assets, and bringing them to life with animation.

Using this style of video production is a very cost effective way to create a dynamic and engaging video. By taking your assets including PDFs, logos, photos and images we can build you a completely customised video that adheres to brand guidelines and delivers your messages. Motion Graphics can be used to convey information that would normally be difficult to convey through interviews or location footage.

We can create scripts and storyboards to show the flow of the video, plus record voiceover and create sound effects for key points throughout the video to clarify key points.

Though Motion Graphics use animation, they can be separated from more typical animation styles as they are not normally story based or character driven, and are more likely to use more abstract forms, statistics, and include logo or elements of logos. If you are looking for more character based animation do let us know, we can help you with that too.

If you would like to know how Motion Graphics can be used in your video production, do give us a call, and we can discuss the best solution for your idea.

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