We combine modern techniques and great kit to deliver fantastic video and happy clients!

Since 2013, we’ve produced thousands of videos for our clients across the corporate, medical, education, charity and public sectors. We deliver beautifully shot video which helps you engage and inspire your audiences. Whether an internal comms team or a marketing agency, we’ll help communicate your messages effectively through video.

From a simple office boardroom setup to an animated infographic, whatever your video needs, we provide a professional service from pre-production right through to finished video.


Everything that takes place prior to shooting or animating falls into Pre-Production.


Production is where the magic happens and filming or animation takes place!

…and Post-Production

Post-production is the final stage where we edit together the assets and footage to deliver a final product.

Our Production Process


Need help capturing your ideas in the best form? We’re able to assist with storyboarding, script writing, location scouting, sourcing actors or a voiceover artist as well as all the other planning that comes with a video shoot. From the start, you’ll have direct contact with the video producer responsible for your shoot from start to finish.


We’ll capture your video using our professional video, lighting and sound kit paired with our experienced crew to ensure the best results. If your video needs motion graphics, our experienced animators will get to work creating and animating with a keen eye for detail and your brand guidelines.


Post-production is the final stage where we edit together the assets and footage.  We’ll securely backup your footage ready for editing at our in-house edit suite in Winchester. Add animations or motion graphics, name straps, logos and branding to bring your video to life. Colouring and sound mastering make certain your finished video looks and sounds great. We’ll provide a private online portal to collect feedback and share revisions as we work together. We can even provide subtitles and transcription services.

Production Techniques

Motion Graphics / Animation

If you’re looking to convey information or statistics then motion graphics is the way forward. Our animators will work with you to turn your idea into a detailed storyboard before animation begins, ensuring your brand is at the heart of everything produced.

Remote Capture

When travel is limited or you need to record video content fast, remote capture is a great option.

Using a dedicated secure video conferencing platform, we’ll capture better quality video than Teams or Zoom can deliver, plus we can watch in and give direction or feedback as needed.

When filming is done, contributors don’t need to send files to us, everything is backed up to the cloud with minimal hassle.

3D Animation

Working with dedicated animators, we produce engaging 3D animation to bring content to life. Great for product demonstrations or architectural layouts, 3D animation brings your designs to life in a completely new way.


Whether audio or video podcasts, we have extensive experience in recording, editing and mastering podcasts for use internally, or externally on platforms such as Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Additionally, we can record fully remote audio and video podcasts, all you need is a good internet connection and you’re ready to go. Once recording is complete, there’s no need to save or send any files, everything is saved in the cloud ready for us to edit and share with you!

Live Streaming

Our award winning live streaming services allow you to share video with audiences of any size. For private or internal meetings, we can stream via Teams, Zoom, Webex or any other major platform, ensuring your messages are heard reliably and securely. For public events of any size, we can stream to any video platform or social media network including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more!

For more information, take a look at our Live Streaming page

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