Our soundproof video studio is perfect for corporate and creative video production.

The Videofrog Studio

Our purpose built video studio offers flexible solutions for videos we produce. Not keen on filming in your office? No problem! Come to Winchester and let us elevate the production value of your videos.

Located in Winchester, Hampshire (close to the M3/A34) our studio facilities are quick and convenient to access from anywhere in the South of England including Southampton, Portsmouth & Bournemouth. Whatever your requirements, the studio can be easily adapted to suit a wide range of different production demands – from fashion, food and music through to corporate videos such as presentations, training or product/service demos.

The studio is a large 64 sq. metre purpose built facility with options for the use of an overhead lighting grid, pre-lit green screen and infinity coving. It is fully soundproof and air conditioned/ventilated to provide a closed, controlled environment that helps to produce consistent, reliable output.

We can offer the latest HD and 4K camera and lenses plus top of the range mics, recorders, monitors, mixers and rigs. Our packages can include an onsite videofrog technician or a full technical crew including camera operators.

Flexible background options


Configured in its green screen format, the videofrog studio allows for ultimate flexibility in post-production. Actors, presenters or other talent can be ‘keyed’ into virtual studios, or any footage your project requires. We’ve invested in high quality industry standard foam 4 metre wide Chroma green fabric backdrop and 6m x 2m Chroma green vinyl floor. This comfortably allows for seamless full body shots.

Infinity Curve

If your project needs the clean, white look then you’ve come to the right place. The videofrog studio can be reformatted in just a few minutes into a 8 metre wide infinity curve. The seamless effect created by a curved wall to floor join instead of a corner, tricks the viewer into not seeing a back wall. The look and feel this creates is perfect for fashion, music and pharmaceutical projects that don’t require any green screen.

Studio Set

Over the years, our studio has become a bright kitchen space, a cosy daytime TV studio, a sleek corporate presentation stage and even a gritty concrete room! If you’re looking for something more tangible than green screen can offer the let us know and we can plan a studio setup that’s ideal for your video. We have furniture, sofas and lamps onsite to create a simple studio setup in no time at all.

Sound Proofed Studio

Great videos need great sound, that why we’ve worked hard to soundproof our studio with a sprung, suspended floor and acoustic insulation. Many photographic studios claim they are also video studios, but if you’re shooting sound you need a studio that is designed to keep the outside noises outside

External Hire

If you’re looking for a studio space to hire and don’t need any crew, we offer this too. The studio is available to hire on a half day or full day basis – longer periods by negotiation.

In addition, it’s connected to a studio gallery and edit suite with talkback and HD SDI monitoring. There’s a water supply and independent ‘clean’ power supply for cameras/lighting.

For more information on dry hiring our studio, visit videofrogstudios.co.uk

Key Facts

Key Facts

Sound Proofed

Key Facts

Infinity Curve

Key Facts

64m² Studio Floor

Key Facts

Green Room & Client Areas

Key Facts

Makeup & Dressing Room

Key Facts

Free Parking

Key Facts

Free Tea & Coffee

Key Facts

53" HD Screen on Moveable Stand

Key Facts

Super Fast Wifi

Key Facts

Fresh Air Ventilation & Extraction

Key Facts

External Gallery Monitoring

Key Facts

Gigabit Internet Ethernet

Key Facts

Studio Water Supply

Key Facts

Kitchen & Catering Facilities

Studio Specification

  • 64 sq. metres (8 x 8 metres)
  • Width: 8.0m
  • Length: 8.1m
  • Height: 2.6m (at the lowest point – bottom of rigging bar)
  • Doorway width: 85cm
  • X3 point lighting set up
  • 8 metre wide infinity curve
  • 4 metre wide Chroma green screen, with 6 by 2 metre green vinyl floor for full body shots
  • Lighting grid (Fresnel, fluorescent or LED lighting) 16 & 13 amp
  • 53″ HD Screen on Moveable Stand
  • Fresh Air Ventilation & Extraction
  • Studio Water supply
  • Greenroom and client areas
  • Makeup and Dressing room
  • External Gallery Monitoring
  • Superfast Wi-Fi
  • Gigabit Internet Ethernet
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Free Tea and Coffee
  • Free parking


360° VIEW

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