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designed. event production case study

Producing a case study is always about getting the right balance; you want to make a connection with your audience and express the right message.

The brief for creating a case study for designed. event production was simple, capture the spirit and experience of organising event AV production.

We wanted to include as much as possible within the video that forms the complete service they offer.

We featured many of these elements, including planning, set-building, and livestreaming.

By working with the team, and their client, we planned and captured all the material we needed to create ‘a day in the life’ of the event, though the event lasts three days!

The video has gone on to be used very successfully by designed. event production as an introduction to prospective clients. By using precise messaging, snappy editing, you keep the viewer involved and stimulated.

If you would like to find out more about designed. event production services and solutions, please visit their website.

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