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Eurovia UK - Mental Health Teaser video

Eurovia UK understands the importance of maintaining good mental health in the workplace. We created a series of videos that they shared across their business at their 2020 safety briefings.

Working alongside Eurovia, and their brief, we knew that the most crucial part of the process was to ensure that it was as relaxed as possible and to put all the participants at ease.

Discussing your mental health and experiences is difficult at the best of times. Sitting in a studio, with two cameras focussed on you can make the difficult almost impossible.

Using the Eye Direct camera mount meant that we could capture the footage without applying additional pressure on our interviewees. Working with a trained councillor and facilitator, we wanted to make them feel comfortable and be able to communicate their experience and the support that they had received from Eurovia.

The filming took place over several weeks; each person had a session in our studio, then a couple of weeks later, they all came together for a shared discussion. As they had been to our facilities before this was less intimidating, and they also had their shared experience.

We will be writing a more detailed case study on this in the near future. We know that everyone who took part in this felt it was positive, and most importantly has helped them in their mental health journey.

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