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Location Showreel

Watching our location showreel makes you appreciate the fantastic and interesting locations in which we've been able to film.

Once outside of our studio it’s ‘on location’. From filming on the beach in Cannes to a mushroom factory, we can produce great footage.

Filming on location is a daily experience for us. It is often more convenient for our clients, for example, enabling them to be more relaxed if interviewed at their place of work, rather than in a studio.

We also produce many event videos shot on location. These can be used to create an atmosphere of the event, and used after the event as a reference, or used to advertise the following events.

Shooting on location can give you more flexibility on the style and type of shots, including drones, timelapse, the variety is endless.

You can find out more about our location shooting services solution on its services page, or you can contact us directly.

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