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Zurich - I am Zurich

Being proud in your work and the company you work for is essential for any employee and company, Zurich wanted to share this in their latest video we produced for them.

With Zurich releasing their 2019 financial results, they wanted to show that the company is more than just numbers.

In the UK they employee 4,500 people, these are the people that make Zurich successful, and in their new video, they wanted to share the pride in which their teams have in working at Zurich.

As with other recent videos we’ve created for Zurich, we shot on location, with a two-camera set-up. Capturing naturalistic footage of the team members in their work environments, ensuring everyone felt comfortable in and relaxed.

We also completed the video with subtitles for viewers to be able to enjoy the video at all times.

The video is part of a more extensive and ongoing project we are producing for Zurich; we will share more of those videos during the year ahead.

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