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Zurich Municipal - Safer Schools App

Safeguarding in schools is incredibly important. With the video for the Zurich Municipal Safer Schools app, we were able to show how it caters for the whole school community.

Our brief was to film within the school environment, feature the school community, including teachers, parents and the students too.

Shot on location, with a two camera set-up; we captured naturalistic footage in an environment that everyone felt comfortable in and relaxed.

Zurich wanted to portray the impact of the app, rather than illustrating what it does as a piece of technology. The app has been positively received within the school and education sector as a whole. One element discussed in the video is that the app has enabled parents to start and hold conversations with their children on their internet use and who they interact with online.

The app is designed to reinforce and enhance current safeguarding practices within schools by providing contemporary, credible and relevant resources to ensure the correct information gets to the right people and the right time.

We also completed the video with subtitles for the complete video to allow for viewing at all times. We also created a shorter social media video to be used by the Zurich team.

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