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When creating either a new or refreshing a video, high-quality editing makes all the difference.

Editing brings all your content together, forming the perfect mix of information, storytelling while engaging the viewer.

For example, having an interview with one person looking at the camera may give you all the information you feel the viewer needs to hear, but will they watch five minutes of a man sitting at a desk talking to them?

By using this as the base layer, maintaining the audio, but then editing in other footage, for example, location footage that is referenced in the interview, or motion graphics representing statistics that are discussing, you have a much more engaging video.

We can take a tired video needing a refresh, adjust your content for a different audience, add new voice over and graphics, and ensure that your content is kept up to date cost-effectively.

The videofrog edit suite has three workstations designed to enable us to work quickly and efficiently on multiple or large editing projects.

We create your edit timeline, take your feedback, add voiceover and music, plus re-colour as required.

Master the formats and files ready for the platforms you wish the video to be played from, and deliver to you.

If you have a project that needs to be given a fresh edit, let us know.

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